WorldBox Mod APK Latest v0.22.9 (Premium Unlocked)

WorldBox is a free god and simulation Sandbox game. In this free Sandbox god game you can create life and watch it prosper! Spawn sheep, wolves, orks, elfs, dwarves and other magic creatures! Civilizations can craft and build houses, roads and go to war with each other. Help them survive, evolve and build
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Creating your own world was just an expression before Worldbox APK was published by Maxim Karpenko. It is a game application, which introduces you to different worlds and also gives you the option to create one of your own. The world is your territory and you are the sole authority. All your imaginations of how the world should be, you can do all of that in this game.

worldbox sandbox god simulator mod

However, the premium version does cause some problems for users who do not wish to spend money on items. Download Worldbox Mod APK For Android for free access to all the shopping sources, paid items and ads-free interface. The original application conditions you to either win or buy items with real-money. In Worldbox Cracked APK the case is opposite, there is no such condition and you get each and everything without any imposition of winning or paying.

Worldbox Mod APK Features

The pivotal factor of Worldbox Mod APK Unlimited Everything is that there is no premium condition imposed on the user. It gives all the items free of cost, and readily available in the game. Moreover, it does not contain ads, which is going to make your game smoother and better.

All unlocked

Worldbox Mod Premium Unlocked 2023 opens up all the items that are involved in the World Box Premium. There are weapons, human races, paints, brushes, tools, plants, animals, disasters and so much more. All of this was paid in the original app Worldbox but the Modified Version of Worldbox provides all of it free of cost similar to Idleon Mod APK.

Worldbox Mod APK Ad-free

There are no ads in World Box Mod that can possibly disrupt your flow of the game similar to Idle Office Tycoon Mod APK. Play in a free zone without having the stress of either ads or expenses. The mod developers have thoroughly worked on Worldbox 2023 All Unlocked to make it user-friendly.

worldbox hacked apk


Relish a world where you are the ultimate power. Choose a hero and make him/her designing, planting, shooting, crafting etc. in 2D pixels. Moreover, there is a lot of room for creativity in the World Box APK such as creating civilizations, bringing natural catastrophes, beautifying the areas etc. Lastly, there is no rule of the World Box Mod APK nor any guide to follow. Just practice what you imagine and go for it.

Tips & Tricks

  • Despite bringing diversity in land, ensure having a space for forest in all regions because ultimately everyone would need wood, food, rocks etc.
  • The creatures and the cultures go hand in hand and their traits would evolve accordingly, however, you can choose to change the traits using the tool ‘trait editor’.


Worldbox Sandbox God Simulator Game Download full game allows you to design your own world. It also gives you template designs of different worlds which you can choose if you don’t want to create one. Navigating to the game menu will lead you to the option of creating a world. From there, you can just start off your game. Try GHD Sports Mod APK

World Designed In Pixel Art

When it comes to designing the world, you need to be a little creative with the given options in the MOD Version of Worldbox Sandbox God Simulator Game. There are various options of paints, brushes, magical tools etc. you can bring as many colors as you want in your world and shape it in any way.

Select a Hero

A hero plays the role of doing everything you would want to do in the WorldBox Mods. You can select heroes from given options available in Worldbox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Free Purchase. As, it is an adventurous journey so your hero would use arsenals, shields, and other equipment.

worldbox mod full version unlocked

No Rule Game

There are no set targets in the Worldbox Unlocked APK. You are free to build, design, shape in any way you like. It enables you to practice full freedom in the world you create. There are no restrictions, rules or certain ways to lead your game. World Box Hacks a casual game for folks to experiment with new concepts. Try Chikii Mod APK

Creation Process

Well, Worldbox Wiki gives you the authority to start from scratch. It means you become the ultimate creator of your world. You decide every little thing about the land. There is a possibility to add rivers, hills, mountains, human race, species, animal species and even the extinct ones.

Build Civilizations

On the off chance, you want to build a nation-state system you can create borders. Make allies, empires, kingdoms, army etc. You can decide which places would be more natural and which would be more industrial.

Similarly, the decision of planting the types of trees and natural stuff is all in your hands. In short, WorldBox Simulator Dewa is your soft space where you can experiment a lot of systems, creations etc.

The Divine Light

The divine light has many benefits to offer such as

  • It can freeze most of the units.
  • It can put a stop on demons and zombies by freezing them to one place.
  • Divine light also works as a healer in many ways.

You may also try other modified simulation games like: Dragon City Mod APK


Every game has a winning goal or achievement. There are different achievements that you can get. Let’s talk about the achievements. However, 4 of them are mainly significant, which are as follows.

  • Create a world with 2D pixel
  • Start a human race
  • Emperorship
  • Show the element of ‘life’.

Natural Catastrophes

As a creator, you have the authority to destroy everything you made as well. There are 20 different ways to do that. You can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions or simply announce a war between different civilizations.

2D Graphics

The WorldBox God Simulator Game is an absolute wonder with 2-dimensional illustration. The map will appear on your screen which you will shape and design in your own way. Everything available in Worldbox Premium APK seems to be in its true element and you have to place it creatively on the map. Try Magic call Mod APK

Pros and Cons of using Worldbox Mod


  • Enhanced Features: Mods can introduce additional features or functionalities to WorldBox, potentially offering players a more customized or diverse gaming experience.
  • Creative Freedom: Some mods may provide players with more tools and options for creativity, allowing them to build and customize their worlds in ways not available in the base game.
  • Community Content: Mods can foster a community of creators who share their modifications, leading to a variety of user-generated content that enhances the overall gameplay experience.


  • Terms of Service Violation: Using mods in WorldBox may violate the terms of service of the game. This can lead to serious consequences, including the suspension or banning of the player’s account.
  • Game Stability: Mods may not be well-optimized, leading to instability in the game. This can result in crashes, freezes, or other technical issues that negatively impact the overall gaming experience.
  • Unfair Advantage: Certain mods may give players an unfair advantage in the game, disrupting the balance and potentially affecting the experience of other players.
  • Compatibility Issues: Mods might not always be compatible with each other or with new updates released by the game developers. This can lead to conflicts and difficulties in using multiple mods simultaneously.
  • Security Risks: Mods obtained from unofficial sources can pose security risks, including the potential for malware or other malicious software to be introduced to the player’s device.
  • Legal Consequences: Depending on the nature of the mods and the terms of service, there may be legal consequences for using unauthorized modifications. This can include legal action by the game developers or publishers.

Beginner’s Guide

  • Keep checking the resources and do not let any item completely run out.
  • Shape your land in a way that it remains safe from other civilizations.
  • Move the pace of time according to your choice.
  • Every civilization will eventually vanish.
  • Ensure the size of tools according to what you are going to use it for.
  • You will see the shapes of the world based on the creatures living in it.
  • The intellect of a leader would elucidate civilization and culture.

Steps to install WorldBox APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of World Box Premium APK as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the download is completed.
  • Tap on APK file which is downloaded
  • Follow the steps which are required to install app
  • Once Fifa Free Premium is installed, start the Worldbox Premium Mod and make your time beautiful by playing a funny game.

In case if installation is not installed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


To sum up the Worldbox Mod APK Latest Version 2023, it is a game application that allows you to practice your imaginations into the game app. There is a world where you have all the powers and you get to decide the entire order of the world, structure, species, equipment and tools etc. this game is very well-received by game players. Up till now, 10 Million people have reached this game with the rating of 4.6/5 stars. The issue of premium conditions is also resolved through Worldbox Cheats APK. So, why are you still waiting? Hop onto the download option and get a premium free mod application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Worldbox Mod APK

What is the goal of Worldbox?

There is no set objective to create a world. However, many people create it and then destroy all the things they have created all this time.

How to get all the rewards in the WorldBox app?

Well, rewards come with winning. However, Worldbox Hack APK has the capacity to make it happen without even winning. It gives you all the rewards free of cost without any kind of condition.

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, the Worldbox Free Download app does not support multiple player mode.

Who has launched the Worldbox game app?

Maxim Karpenko created the Worldbox Hacked APK application having the concept of creating and designing the world of your own.

What's new

- stability fixes for mobile devices