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Integrating sleep, meditation, relax , and focus into an app, Tide is an app aiming at physical and mental care. Inspired by traveling, the nature, and meditation, we have been providing massive audios including natural soundscapes and mindfulness practices. To help you relieve stress, stay focused, relax with mindfulness, and better sleep at nights, Tide allows you to get away from the fast-paced life, and enter into peaceful and calm moments.
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The present era has brought a lot of anxiety to everyone’s life. All of us are chaotic, impatient, want to get things done, and still not being able to do so. Spend our time feeling guilty of not completing the targets while scrolling Instagram randomly. Tide APK is an app to make our lifestyle organized and disciplined. It brings relaxation and concentration to what needs to be done and what to prioritize first. It helps to sleep better as it has very calming sounds for users.  

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Meanwhile, the premium feature has some conditions for accessing it. Download Tide Mod APK For Android to avoid the conditions of premium mode and still use it under no conditions. The mod app is an alternative application that brings an absolute user-friendly experience with everything free and unlocked. It does not demand money and its installation is also free of cost. Tide Hack APK brings an extensive amount of money, removes ads and unlocks the paid features.

Tide Mod APK Features

Avail a great deal of coins, gems, money, unlocked premium features and ads-free interface through Tide Mod APK Unlimited Everything. None of these things comes under the condition of paying money. Feel free to download and use it as much as you want because these are endless in amount.

Get Unlimited Coins & Gems

Get countless coins and gems via Tide All Unlocked. It enables you to buy in-app purchasing features. You can spend as much as you want and it will still not finish. Buy all the features that you think will be useful for you and make your life disciplined.

Remove Ads

The ads would make such an app an absolute disaster if it pop ups at a very bad time. The developers of Tide Cheat APK have erased the advertisements from its site. You can now easily use the app without being interrupted in between.

Tide Mod APK Premium Cracked Mode

Premium mode has some treasured features that you must acquire. However, most of the people cannot have these as they are paid. Solving your problem through Tide Mod Premium Unlocked, you can get all the features, which include sleep sounds, concentration timer, and meditation and relaxing features. Each feature or premium mode is given without cost.

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Discipline your life by setting a focus timer. Have a good sleep with natural sounds murmuring in your ears. Relax, meditate and balance your breath. Read motivation quotes on a daily basis and bring clarity in your life.

Focus timer

Addiction to smartphones is real and being on social media, randomly scrolling causes real damage to your time and mind. Focus timer will help you concentrate on things you want to do. Set a timer of every app or anything you are doing. When it calls, just leave it right there and then. It is for your own good and the time left will be spent in something creative or productive.

Sleep & nap

In the middle of the day, you want to have a nap, as the day was tiresome. Play it, listen to all natural sounds that you usually find in natural phenomena. Nature heals you and helps you freshen up. It also brings clarity to your mind. After a chaotic day, it is a much needed thing to do.

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Do not forget to set an alarm to wake up from a nap. After that, you are done with the nap, the alarm clock buzzes or murmurs with a very soothing soft voice. This way, you can easily wake up in a good mood and feel physically light and energetic.

Relax meditation

Furthermore, Tide Sleep & Meditation APK mod has added some needful techniques that you can incorporate in your lifestyle. You can search for some exercise that you need to do daily. Not that it will make you feel better but you will feel physically fit and sound. Get the techniques from Tide Premium that helps you concentrate better even under pressure.

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Natural sounds

Firstly, listen to the natural sounds that soothe your soul and make you feel like you are at the bank of a river. The sound of waves, moving water, birds chirping, rain and many such sounds ease you and make your mood light. There are few music genres in Tide Mod tide plus that also help you relax and meditate.

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Breathe mode

Fix your breathing and make it balanced as much as you can. Do it gradually and take complete control of your breath. Practice it and it will help you lessen your anxiety and make you feel a lot better under stressful situations.

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Daily quotes

Every day when you wake up, you will come across with a motivational quote that will keep your spirits high. You will feel like getting out and doing something in your life. Sometimes, the quotes can be the sign of direction. Suppose you are depressed because you cannot choose between two things, the quotations can clear up your mind or may help you make a decision.

Fun Facts

  • It is an app for relaxing meditation.
  • It makes you mindful of nature and its calmness.
  • It brings out a lot of motivation in you by showing new quotes regularly.
  • It has breathing guides and exercises.
  • The visuals have sentimental touch and effects.
  • The type settings can be personalized.
  • The people can have a guide to breathing exercise as well.

New Updates

  • The sleep assistant is online every time in the new version.
  • Many new features and soothing music have been introduced.
  • Few glitches faced by users have also been removed.

Merits and Demerits of using Tide Mods


  • You will never be interrupted with ads.
  • It has a highly optimized interface.
  • The developers never ask for cash or registration.
  • Despite the ban on the standard app in some places, the modified version is functional everywhere.


  • It is not a certified application.
  • The chances of scam increases if not downloaded from a reliable source.
  • The third party status and sourced from unverified platforms makes it less approachable to users.

Steps to Install Tide APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of the App as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the app completes it download.
  • After Downloading APK file, Tap on that file
  • There are some steps which are necessary to install app
  • After installing the application, start the game and enjoy free game.

In case if installation is not competed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


In conclusion, Download Tide Mod APK Latest Version 2023 is an amazing app for balancing your lifestyle. Specially, the people who suffer anxiety should definitely download this app as it calms you and makes you stress free. It helps you gain physical and mental strength and helps you not to waste your time. Millions of people are using this application by downloading from the Play Store. It has 4.6/5 ratings on the same platform. People have been receiving the app quite well by telling how their lifestyle has become much better through this app. Download the modified version of tide and enjoy premium features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tide Mod APK

Is Tide Hacked online or offline?

Tide Mod Latest Free Download is an online application and for accessing all the features, you need to stay online throughout.

Is it free to download?

Yes, the standard version and modified version, both are free to install. However, the standard version has in-app purchases whereas the Tide App Download has no paid features at all.

Will the personal data remain safe?

You need to do a bit of research about the sources you are downloading the Tide Tide Sleep Meditation Premium Mod APK from. We suggest you APKsBrand.Com as they have tried and tested applications and free download. 

What's new

Fixed some known bugs Recent Updates. - New desktop widget, now you can add it freely on your desktop - Sleep report adds "sleep regularity" analysis to help you master your sleep pattern and sleep better - Optimize the experience of today's tide, you can more easily view your daily tide record