Internet Cafe Simulator Mod APK Latest v1.8 (Unlimited Money)

Build the best internet café in the world! Internet Cafe Simulator is an internet cafe business simulation game. You can set up and manage a comprehensive workplace within the game. There are many activities and people you can interact with in the city. You must pay the rent of your apartment and shop. You must satisfy your customers. You should install more elegant and powerful gaming computers. You can also do illegal work if you want. But be
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Lots of times, we think of several business ideas. However, we get frantic over putting investment over something that can cost you loss. We are going to introduce you to one of the business ideas that you may have thought of starting but you didn’t due to the fear of loss. Internet Café Simulator APK Download gives you an opportunity to start an internet cafe business. Here you can invest and manage services and customers. It makes you learn what steps need to be taken in order to get profit.

internet cafe simulator apk mod

For smooth gameplay, download Internet Café Simulator Mod APK free for android. It is an alternative application in a modified version where you have free access to everything. It is amazingly smooth and does not cost you a single penny for it. You have unlimited money through which you can buy any accessory you want. Moreover, the Internet Cafe Simulator Cheats APK has no ads on its site, so you are stress-free from that side also. All you are left with is an amazing gameplay with splendid features to enjoy.

Internet Café Simulator Mod APK Features

The modified version of Internet Café Simulator will help you in all aspects when it comes to gameplay. Internet Cafe Simulator Mod APK Unlimited Everything gives you unlimited money so that you can enjoy free purchasing. Moreover, it does not contain ads, so that you can play the no-stop.

Get Unlimited Money

This app will provide you unlimited money. The way to get it is to download the game first from our website free of cost. Then open the Internet Cafe Simulator Download and move to the menu option. Then choose to buy anything from the menu and you will find unlimited money in your account to spend. Money is an important thing in Internet Cafe Simulator Unlimited Money and the Internet Café Simulator Mod Game gives all of it for free.

Internet Cafe Simulator Mod APK No Ads

The Internet Cafe Simulator Hack APK interface is free from ads similar to Animal Restaurant Mod APK. You do not have to spend money on removing it as it is already removed from its site. Therefore, you can play the Internet Cafe Simulator Hacked APK uninterruptedly without any kind of intervention of ads amidst the gameplay.


The features carry one by one procedure of how to manage your life with a newly started business. From moving to a new place, taking care of your health, rent, expenses to design and raise the business to a new level all of it comes under it.

Facts about Internet Cafe Simulator

  • The app in itself is a complete workplace for you to develop.
  • Apart from the workplace, it depicts the life and chores that you have to do outside of the workplace.
  • You are supposed to work in a way that you do not go bankrupt.

Maintain your Health Meter

Well the gameplay begins with you renting an apartment at a new place. You have to manage your living, eating, health, fitness, bills and many other things. There is a health meter displayed in the yellow bar, which shows your level of fitness. Do not let that bar get empty otherwise you will not be able to work at all.

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Manage your shop

Coming to your business, first take an in-game loan from the bank. Then start with a shop, its rent, renovation, decoration and machinery. As it is an internet café, they add PCs, Laptops and other digital gadgets of high quality.  All of it will come from your loan and you have to return it when you start getting profit from your business.

internet cafe simulator all unlocked

Captivate customers to your café

Moreover, the shop is not just limited to internet café. It has to be a place where customers would want to stay for a long time. For attracting more customers, you can also add a Kitchenery items. This includes food, drinks, tea, and coffee.

The focus should be on the customer’s comfort. This way more customers will visit your place and you will get profit. You can add music for customers so that they can enjoy their time spent at your place.  

Give best services

Design packages that seem reasonable to customers. Ensure that you do not go in loss. The packages and services should be handled very tactfully. The internet services and gadgets must be of very high quality because that is the main concern of people visiting the place.

Announce discounts from time to time to appeal to more people. Beware of hackers and keep the private data of your customers safe. Also take care of your bank accounts otherwise, you may face some unfortunate incident.

Hire a staff for management:

Of course you cannot deal with each and every customer individually. You will need staff for internet related facilities. You will need a food manager and waiters to handle the customers. So employ a reasonable amount of managing people who can help you boost your business.

internet cafe simulator premium unlocked

Invest wisely

Make wise choices over what to spend and where to spend. Your wrong moves can make you stuck in debt trap. Try not to overspend or spend on things that were not really needed. Therefore, be very careful over your investment time period.

3D Graphics

The overall gameplay is very appealing to customers. It has high resolution 3D graphics similar to Dragon City Mod APK. The theme is quite realistic, so is its concept and design. You will get a reasonable place where you will work day and night to give your business a boost.

Beginner’s Guide

  • Buy a computer and its components.
  • Purchase the arcade machinery.
  • Do not forget to clean the chair.
  • Do not let any visitor go without getting payment.
  • Keep snacks for visitors for a better impression.

Pros and Cons of Internet Cafe Simulator Mods


  • The visuals are 3 dimensional along with first person perspective.
  • The gameplay has abundant options of customization.


  • The app does not run below Android 4.1.
  • It adds ads for commercial purposes.
  • Many features in Internet Café Simulator are locked and can only be unlocked if purchased.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to close the internet café especially at night otherwise, the expenses would keep increasing.
  • Remember the places where you have bought the food.
  • Keep your café clean with the broom inside.
  • Purchase stuff wisely. All the components of a PC are the most important purchase you need to do.

Steps to Install Internet Cafe Simulator APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of the game as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the app completes it download.
  • After Downloading APK file, Tap on that file
  • There are some steps which are necessary to install app
  • After installing the application, start the game and enjoy free game.

In case if installation is not competed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


Cheesecake dev has designed an impeccable gameplay where business-minded people can make their ideas work vividly. Yet they face no loss despite investment. Up to 10 Million people loved this idea and downloaded this game on the Play Store alone. There are many other platforms where this game is being played. It has prompt positive ratings and people are practising their ideas all the time. Besides, the Internet Café Simulator Mod APK Latest Version 2023 contains unlimited money, so you do not have to bear any kind of expense in real life for this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Internet Cafe Simulator Mod APK

Is the Internet Cafe Simulator Cracked APK free or paid?

Is the Internet Cafe Simulator Cracked APK free or paid?It is free to download the Internet Cafe Simulator Mods. However, the standard version contains few features, which needs real money. Nevertheless, the Internet Cafe Simulator Mod For Android gives you access and download both free of cost.

Can I add ice-cream in the game?

Yes, you can add ice-cream in the game. You can also add many other food items, which are your favorite or you would prefer while living alone.

Is Internet Café Simulator APK an offline game?

Yes, it is an offline game. You can save your data while playing this game and enjoy all the features without the need of an internet connection.

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