GT Racing 2 Mod APK Latest v1.6.1c (Unlimited Money)

Leadership: possibly the best handheld racing simulation • The richest handheld racing simulation game this year: 71 licensed cars on 13 tracks, including the real Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. • A superb collection of real cars from over 30 manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and more.
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Introducing an adventurous game that gives you the most pragmatic experience of car-racing. You get up to 71 licensed cars to drive on 20 different tracks that go for almost 10 different seasons in GT Racing 2 APK Mod. You will be amazed to see the collection of up to 30 diverse cars from different manufacturing brands. That’s dreamy but it’s true.

new version of gt racing 2

The game was launched by the famous brand Gameloft SE back in November 2013.  Although, the primary GT Racing 2 Download has some locked features and requires cash for it. What’s more is that GT RACING 2 MOD APK For Android is available on this website completely free. However, you get the mod app from our site with unlimited gold and money, unlocked cars and routes and unbolted features. 

It is so effective that almost 100 million have downloaded  and the feedback has been quite positive. It can be run easily on androids. The HD graphics of this will leave you awestruck. Indeed, it will give you a very realistic experience of car racing.


The HD features and variety of the car collection has made it quite popular in the very first year of its launch. The entire journey of race is so authentic. The gamer has front and side view mirrors that would make you feel like you are actually driving a car. 

In fact, this can actually refine your driving skills. In every race, you get options of acceleration, speed, handle and brake and many other features are offered as well. To avoid the limitations of the original version, our provided GT Racing 2 Mod APK Unlimited Everything provides unlimited money, unlocked cars and routes with ads free interface. Let’s discuss those. 

Ads Free

This app sets you free from watching ads. It can be really annoying while being in a race. Moreover, it can actually become a reason for you to lose amidst competition. So, no chances that users would like the racing game with ads that can pop up anytime on the screen. So, let’s not restrain yourself and download the Modified Version of GT Racing 2 Latest Version 2023 now.

GT Racing 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gold

The GT Racing 2: Real Car Game Mod APK does not require coins in the form of cash. Oftentimes, the user wants to hop onto premium features. It could be any car that they want or a specific location which is usually locked until they win step by step. However, all gamers are not habitual of going step by step. So, downloading a recreated version from our website will automatically provide an endless amount of coins.

No repairing

At times when gamers lose, they have to get the car repaired first. Until then, they can’t participate in the race. But we have skipped this feature for you so that your whole focus would be on racing and competition. You do not have to repair the car first even if you lose it by an accident. In Mod Racing Gt 2 APK Unlocked Cars, the new car will be automatically provided to you and you will not face any kind of consequence for that.


So many features of GT Racing 2 Latest APK are inspired from real life racing. You get so many options from the location to the collection of vehicles. Even the weather will be of your choice. So, make it thrilling as much as you want.

gt racing 2 apk unlimited everything

Branded Cars

About 67 popular branded cars e.g. Ferrari, Audi, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz etc. are available in the Free Download GT Racing 2 Mod. After getting these cars, you get a constantly upgraded version of these brands. Moreover, GT Racing 2 Game APK facilitates a vast range of recreated motors. So, it doesn’t matter if you cannot buy these cars in real life, you can always buy these in the GT Racing 2 Hack APK.

Latest Addition of Cars

  • Nissan 370Z
  • Ferrari 485 Italia
  • Maserati 300s
  • Mercedes CLK GTR AMG
  • BMW M2
  • Savage Rivale GTS
  • Berlinetta F12 Ferrari


If you are a solo player, good for you! But if you are not, no need to worry, your friends can chip in to help you in the competition against the opposing party. It is fun yet helpful at the same time. So, share GT Racing 2 Car Game with your friends and play along.

gt racing 2 apk

Meet New People

Along with the GT Car Game, you can take this app as a social corner for yourself. The good thing is that you will most probably meet your kind of people who like to play the same games as you like. Also, if you are a new user, they can guide you about the GT Racing 2 Hacked and can share some tips and tricks. Sometimes, you can have a healthy competition with them by giving each other race challenges. Try it out, it will be fun.

Diverse Locations & weathers

Who does not like change? Driving on the same path on a daily basis can be boring as hell. So, this app allows you to choose the location and weather of your liking. Be it a hill, steep, desert or even if you like to drive in rain, you can do so as well. You have open options to choose the location according to your mood.

modified apk of gt racing 2

Weekly challenges

Every day will be a new day in this Racing Game GT 2. You will get a wide range of challenges in this app with different cars and locations. The weekends will be exciting because you will get 28 new challenges on a weekly basis. So sit tight, set your front view mirror and get ready to ace the weekly challenge.


This is the most realistic feature of this GT Racing 2 APK. The screen will show you the same view that you experience while driving the car in real time. There will be front and side mirrors options. You get to choose any mirror you want as per your situation. You have to be very careful and keep seeing those mirrors just like you do in real life.  

Car Interior

People are obsessed with cars and more because of their interior. And this GT Racing Real Car 2 Mod APK is exactly for those people who like to buy cars based on their interiors. Just like you see the interior of your car while driving, the screen will show you the interior of those cars that you will choose. And you will be astonished to actually see the amount of options that the GT Racing Cracked APK offers you in its variety similar to Tuning Club Online Mod APK.


It is mainly a third-person perspective from where a player sees it. However, you can see it from other perspectives as well. Each perspective invites different challenges and competition. If you are new at driving, play GT Racing 2 Cheats and you will be pro at driving in real life as well without experiencing serious damages.

Customized Cars

People’s obsession with cars is pretty common now. Car owners like to customize their car with different colors and prints on it. The same can be done with your cars in Gt Racing 2 Hile as well similar to F1 Clash Mod APK. Here you can customize your car with different paints and colors. In short, you can maintain it with a personalized approach.

gt racing 2 car games


With every accomplishment, you get a better car, more locations and overall better features. So, if you like to reward yourself with every accomplishment, GT Racing 2 Hack Mod APK is for you. So, drive and get yourself new opportunities, new challenges and various cars.

Fun Facts

  • The fastest moving car in GT Racing 2 is the Veyron, having 415 km/h.
  • GT is the abbreviation of Grand or Gran Tourer.
  • 500 F’68 is the rarest car in the game.
  • Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT tops the chart in terms of speed, weight and engine thus makes it the best car among all others.

Pros and Cons of GT Racing 2 Mods


  • Events on a weekly basis occur so that you have maximum chances to get new upgrades and bonuses.
  • You are unbounded to take part in as many races as want.
  • It has reasonable size with spectacular graphics.
  • GT Racing 2 aims for realism in its driving simulation. The game incorporates elements such as realistic physics, car handling, and weather conditions, offering a more authentic racing experience.


  • The application has very pricey features.
  • The app sometimes shows the error while saving your game.
  • The realistic simulation might make it challenging for casual players to pick up and play. The learning curve for mastering realistic car handling and racing techniques could be steeper than in more arcade-style racing games.

Tips & Tricks

  • Having cash and saving for mechanics would help you a lot.
  • The moment you are able to buy a new car, go for it instantly.
  • Do not upgrade using cash.
  • Strengthen your basics by playing the won races.
  • It is of no use to spend cash for upgrading GTRacing2 Hack for the long-term.
  • Avail all the chances to get new cars.
  • Spend your money on mechanics only.

Steps to install GT Racing 2 APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of the GT Racing 2 Mod All Cars Unlocked as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the download is completed.
  • Tap on APK file which is downloaded
  • Follow the steps which are required to install apk
  • Once the application is installed, start the Car Racing 2 Mod APK and make your time beautiful by Using this.

In case if installation is not installed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


In a nutshell, if you have a fetish for automobiles, download GT Racing 2 Mod APK Unlimited Everything with unlimited coins and money, unlocked cars and locations now. It is very popular among youngsters. More than 10 million people are enjoying this game. In addition to this, we have come up with a solution for those players who have got banned several times. It has been seen quite a few times that the player’s accounts get banned for some reason. Hence, they lose all their achievements and features that they had earned so far. To avoid this, you have an option of playing the game online. By playing online, your account will not be banned and you will be able to resume your game from the exact point where you left it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About GT Racing 2 Mod APK

What is the fastest racing game in Gt Racing 2?

The best app in terms of speed and racing would be Veyron. It is very good for playing in contests and it has a speed of over 400 km/h.

How many cars does Gt Racing 2 have?

There are almost 67 cars in GT Game Download. It includes cars from modern brands like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan and many others.

What is the total size of GT Racing 2 Mods?

The original app is of 3 GB size. On the other hand, you need only 1 GB space in your device to download the mod app.  

Can I play GT Racing 2 offline?

Yes, sure you can. However, you need to have a stable connection if you want to play in PvP mode or multiplayer mode.

What's new

Various bug fixes and improvements.