Grow Empire Rome Mod APK Latest v1.29.4 (Unlimited Coins)

The glory of Rome awaits you in this addictive Tower Defense and war strategy game. Play Grow Empire: Rome and turn your small town into the largest and most powerful empire in history. Strategically upgrade your walls, towers and warriors, and protect your city from attacking elephants, siege weapons and waves of enemy troops by covering the sky with arrows and fire. Confront fearsome armies of barbarian, Gallic, Iberian and Carthaginian warriors and expand your empire throughout Europe and Africa.
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In past times people used to build castles in order to protect themselves. Instead of nuclear bombs and drones, people of old times used to fight with swords, crossbows and spears. If you want to experience a war like this, get your hands on Grow Empire Rome APK. It is a fusion of tower defense, RPG and strategy mechanism gameplay which will take you to early European countries. Here you lead a country and its army in order to protect your lands and the people of the country.

grow empire rome mod all unlocked

Grow Empire Rome Mod APK For Android has unlimited money which can be utilized in the upgradation of defense systems. It includes the upgradation of army men and their skills and defense towers. By doing this, you can strengthen your army and protect yourself and your nation from the attacks of enemies. In addition to this, the premium version is also unlocked in this Modified Version of Grow Empire. Furthermore ads are also blocked to make the game more intriguing.

Grow Empire Rome Mod APK Features

To make your gaming experience more smooth and interesting, the modified version contains some altered features. Here, in Grow Empire Rome Mod APK Unlimited Everything you will have unlimited money and you don’t have to spend money to unlock premium as it’s unlocked. The ads are also blocked from the gameplay of Grow Empire Rome Hack APK.

Unlimited Money

To operate your region constructively, you will need money. You have to fight battles, defeat enemies to earn enough money to do required upgrades. But now you don’t have to strive so hard as Grow Empire Rome Hacked APK comes up with unlimited money for you. You can use this money to improve your army or upgrade your defense towers.

Grow Empire Rome Mod APK Premium Unlocked

There is a premium subscription in Grow Empire Rome Hack Mod which requires money to unlock. To all of its features for free download Grow Empire Rome Mega Menu. After having Grow Empire Rome Mod Unlimited Money and Gems, you will have all the cards and special troops unlocked for free.

No Ads

This game has been designed for entertainment purposes and to freshen the mood of the people. But the unnecessary ads can totally ruin this purpose by disturbing the players. Because of this reason, we have brought to you a Grow Rome Empire Rome Mod VIP Unlocked which is ads free similar to Megapolis Mod APK.

Basic Features

The Grow Empire Rome Cracked APK features are quite interesting and designed according to the likings of the audience. Here you can fight and plan strategies at the same time. After completing each level upgrade your troops and other items to fight against the mightier wave of enemies.

Fight Against Invaders

Being ruler of a country, your foremost duty is to wrestle with the invaders harming your region. These armed enemies will come towards your region and you have to fight against them. They will attack the city in the form of troops and their power will also be gradually increased.

Now you have to hire soldiers, build towers and walls for a strong defense mechanism. Use different tactics and techniques to combat smartly. After defeating the enemies, prizes will be awarded to you.

Multiple Rewards

As every player wants to be rewarded by something after conquering the mission. This hunger of the reward makes the players more focused and keeps them engaged. This is why every time you will eliminate a wave of enemies, you can unlock skills or troops. There are 18+ skills and 35+ Roman army troops which enhances the skillset of your army similar to King God Castle Mod APK.

Upgrade Towers and Legions

The defense system of your whole country depends mainly upon two things; the army and defense towers. You will be needed to upgrade both the things timely for an effective attack. Similar to King of Avalon Mod APK, upgrade the soldiers for better and skilled army men and upgrade the defense towers for their potent functioning.

Plan Defense Strategies

Good leaders of any region remain concerned about the security and protection of their people. To provide security and reliability to your people, plan strategies wisely. Designate soldiers in their right places and pay equal attention towards every aspect. Moreover be aware to use the right weapon at the right place.

Expand your Government

After wiping off the enemies from a certain area, now think out about expanding your reign. When your defense systems become strong enough then intrude in other areas. Fight wars with the soldiers of that region and expand your Roman Empire.

Multiple Skilled Soldiers

An exemplary army contains soldiers of different skill sets. We can not expect a single person to be pro at every aspect. Due to this reason there are also 4 types of soldiers in this game. These include spearmen, cavalry, swordsmen and archers.


Your army should never contain a smaller number of spearmen if you want to strike efficiently. Their main role is to provide defense against cavalry as they have combat bonuses against them.


The deadliest attack can be performed by cavalries so they are must haves. They have great speed and motility making it difficult for opponents to chase them. They can fight expertly against archers.


In ancient times, there was no concept of wars without swords. Similarly, the swordsmen have a significant role in this game. They will not only protect you but they will also be beneficial while attacking.


The role of the archers is to provide primary defense in the game. They will be appointed near the wall and when they can detect the enemies reaching towards you. After that they will assault them until the remaining soldiers reach the point.

Graphics and Sound

The 3D graphics have made this game even more alluring and appealing. You can watch the game interface in a panoramic view. A variety of maps will be handed over to you where 3D objects are clearly displayed similar to Roblox Unlimited Robux Mod APK.

The ultra HD sound quality makes you fall in love with this game. Each map has its unique sound effects. Additionally, the sounds of weapons and elephants will make you feel like you are actually in ancient Rome fighting a battle against enemies.

Pros and Cons of Grow Empire Rome Mods


  • The environment you get in this game is quite alluring.
  • The visuals of Grow Empire Rome are impeccable.


  • It does not offer co-op mode.
  • You may find content monotonous after some time.

Guide & Tips

  • Expand your troops as much as you can.
  • Upgrade characters, colonies and units on priority basis.
  • Endeavor to develop maximum new skills.
  • Upgrade the colonies and that colony will become a treasure and start to provide gold.
  • Use defensive cards when reaching the rebellion map.

For downloading the original version, click here.

Steps to Install Grow Empire Rome APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of the game as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the app completes it download.
  • After Downloading APK file, Tap on that file
  • There are some steps which are necessary to install app
  • After installing the application, start the game and enjoy free game.

In case if installation is not competed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


Concisely, if you are looking for a game suitable for your iOS as well as android device, Grow Empire Rome is a right pick for you. It has 10 million plus downloads and 4.5 stars ratings. Here you have to eliminate all those people who can do any sort of harm to your region. Fight against them with the help of your soldiers and a strong defense system. Increase your wealth by collecting gold by attacking different territories or by watching ads. But if you don’t want to struggle to earn money, you can also Download Grow Empire Rome Mod APK Latest Version 2023. Here you will get unlimited money along with an unlocked premium and an ad-free gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Grow Empire Rome Mod APK

Is Grow Empire Room a difficult game?

No, the controls of this game are quite easy and you can play it just by swiping by swiping your finger on screen.

Can I play Grow Empire Rome Mod APK offline?

Yes, users with unstable internet availability can play it offline.

Is it true that the Mod APK version of Grow Rome Empire offers unlimited money?

Yes, you will get unlimited money if you download the modified version.

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