Global City Mod APK Latest v0.6.7898 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

BUILD AND DEVELOP YOUR VERY OWN CITY Global City is a city-building simulator that distinguishes itself from its peers with its high-quality graphics. Skyscrapers and residential houses, shopping malls and administration buildings, the port and the railway are bound to pleasantly surprise you with their unique and magnificent hi-tech designs. DEVELOP AND CONTROL RESOURCE PRODUCTION
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Imagine that you are a Mayor of the city. All the powers related to that city belong to you. You have the authority to make changes to any extent and you are free to use the resources as you like. You are not answerable to anyone. Sounds exquisite? So here is the game where all of this can be possible for you. It is a Global City Mod APK for Android where you can create an ideal city. 

global city unlimited coins

Hence, you will decide how the city will look. From the architecture to mining resources, everything is under your control. All in all, it is still a worth-playing game. However, you will have to pay the price for some resources but we have a solution for that as well in Global City Cheats APK. 

We are introducing the Global City APK Mod. You can replace the original app with this one due to many reasons. Unlike the primary one, it contains no ads. Secondly, you will need a hefty amount to afford resources but this app will give it for free. You will get unlimited coins, money and diamonds upon downloading this app. In addition to this, your account on this app will never be banned. So it is a risk free, safe and resourceful application.

Features of Global City Mod APK

The Global City Mod APK Unlimited Everything does not contain advertisements. It can get you countless coins and diamonds through which you can buy different materials. Plus your account is never going to get banned.

Global City Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Access

You will frequently need diamonds and gold to buy different stuff for managerial stuff in Global City Unlimited Money and Gems. Managing a city requires a lot of money. Coins and diamonds are an in-game currency that changes from the real money by the player. 

Upon installing the Modded Version of Global City New Version from this website, you will get unlimited coins and diamonds. This is how you will get unlimited access to each and every feature in Global City Mod Unlimited Money. You will be free to buy any material, resource for railways, roads, industries and for districts.

Free Download & No-Ads

The Global City: Build and Harvest Mod APK  is free to download. Also, it does not contain ads. Of course, being a mayor you will not have time to look at advertisements. You gotta do so much stuff to run your city.

global city unlimited money


The accounts on the original apps usually get banned. On the contrary, Global City Building Game Mod APK is a third-party app, which is why it will never get banned similar to Tap Tap Run Mod APK.


Being a mayor is not any easy task. You will have so many responsibilities. For example, build a city, control population, collect taxes, and use the resources in useful ways. The Global City Simulation game also teaches you history. Let’s dig in to know more.

A City Set Up

Since you are a mayor of a city, take care of each and everything of it. You can expand boundaries and build districts into it. The player can work on the architecture of the city and make it mesmerizing to attract tourists. 

You have the ability to build railways, bridges, roads and many other things. You can build the world’s tallest building like Burj Khalifa since it is all about how you use resources. Being a good mayor, establishing educational and medical institutions, shopping malls, airports, parks etc. Try Worldbox Mod APK.

global city game (unlimited money)

For development purposes, you can build factories and industries though the decision of location will be tricky. Moreover, you will have the choice to sell items and materials as well.

Multiplayer Mode

This app has the feature of multiple player mode as well. Here you can interact with your friends. You can also have a competition and win different rewards.

Collect Taxes

Finance is a crucial thing to handle. You will have to collect taxes from people who are living in your area. Then you can put the generated revenue to an effective use of your people. All of these features are premium so make sure you download the app from this website.

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Find Resources

Every land is blessed with some resources. You, being a mayor, can hire a team to search for different underground resources. You have the feature of mining through which you can access fossil fuels, coal and many other things. The searched material can then be sent to factories and industries to change it into some assets.  

global city apk

Earth’s History

As a mayor, you should be knowledgeable so that people can respect you and look up to you. Similarly, this app carries a history lesson of Earth’s History. The focus of it is a chemical war. Therefore, the application is not just playable but it can educate you in a very entertaining way as well.   

Graphics & UI: supports building structures

The graphics of the Global City APK are quite mesmerizing. The User-interface is understandable and friendly similar to Life of Adventure Mod APK. The options are easy to locate. It supports high quality features for example building structures, railways, mining etc. Try Dragon City Mod APK

global city mod apk

Keep upgrading

As it is a city, you will never be done with working in it. Hence, you will have to update the manufacturing system on a daily basis. The things will take time to collect, grow and build so you have to be patient with it just like in real life.

You may also download it’s original version from play store

Fun Facts

  • Global City has a limited capacity to store items.
  • At a time, it carries 20 items only.
  • Focus on tasks; it is the only way for inventory management.
  • Tapping the warehouse would show you all the contents it has.
  • You can adjust prices on items.
  • Upon every win, you gain 3 points in cash.

Merits and Demerits of Global City Mods


  • You can find the modified version of most of the app.
  • The focal point of this app is to ensure user-friendly experience along with free resources.
  • It makes it user-friendly by also removing the advertisement.
  • The app can be stored in the form of a file; hence, it can be kept in USB.


  • As these are the duplicates of original versions, so it is never verified.
  • Finding a reliable source remains a task for mod app users.
  • The app holds the status of a third-party application.
  • The probability of getting malware in the device or being scammed is high.

Tips & Tricks

  • Go with the sequence of listed tasks.
  • Never miss special events as they can get you lots of presents.
  • Focus on the expansion of your warehouse and keep it organized.
  • Try to grab more and more projects.
  • The storage in the Global City is limited to 20 items only so it is best to start managing the inventory at the earliest stage possible.

Steps to install Global City APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of Global City Build Your Own World Mod APK as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the app completes it download.
  • After Downloading APK file, Tap on that file
  • There are some steps which are necessary to install app
  • After installing the application, start Global City Mod 2023 and make your time beautiful.

In case if installation is not competed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


In Summary, you will play the role of Mayor of the city. Being in an authority position, you will have to manage everything related to the city. Many of the resources are premium. You can only access them through money. This is why get yourself the Global City Mod APK Latest Version to have free access to every feature. Besides, the application is growing rapidly in terms of its popularity. In a very short time, there are more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store. Moreover, people have rated it 4.2 out of 5 stars. Indeed, the application is unique in its idea where people can experience what it is like to rule and manage responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Global City Mod APK

Is the global city game offline?

No, you cannot play the Global City Hack APK in an offline mode. You need to have a stable internet connection in order to play the Global City Hacked.

How to add friends in the Global City Cracked?

For adding friends in the Global City APK Hile 2023, you need to open the app. navigate to the option that says’ team window’. Once you find it, right click on the character’s name then you will see the option pop up on your screen that says ‘add global friend’. Choose from the list and you are done.

What is the latest version of Global City?

The recently updated version of Global City Unlimited Money Hack is v0.6.7898.

What is the concept of Global City Mobile Mod?

The concept is to manage and organize a huge place, mainly the capital of a country. The Global City Build and Harvest Mod APK is to polish your administrative skills.

What's new

Another update! We’ve made several small improvements. Lots of technical issues have been fixed and the interface has been improved. It now looks even better! See you soon in Global City!