DarkRise Mod APK Latest v0.17.9 (Unlimited Money/ Mana)

Darkrise is a classic hardcore game that was created by two indie developers in nostalgic pixel style. In this action RPG game you can get acquainted with 3 characters - Alice, Godric and Kira. Everyone of them has unique skills, game mechanics and features. Homeland of the game heroes was invaded by undead creatures and demons. Now they have to become stronger and
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Loads of RPG games have made it to the list of best games but none of them is like Darkrise APK. It is launched by Roika for android handsets. It has an old school pixelated game design and gives the opportunity to play 3 characters i.e. Alice, Kira and Godric. All of them are expert in their skills and professional in combat action. With your choice, one of them would travel to 60 locations and surpass various obstacles.

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Nonetheless, we suggest Darkrise Mod APK for Android to download at priority. This is because it is almost a perfect version of the app to play this game. The application provides an infinite amount of money, mana and skills. Moreover, it boosts up the whole process, character and you will feel the noticeable difference in interface optimization as well. Also, Darkrise Cheats APK is very safe to install and has no ads in it to disturb the flow of your gaming.

Darkrise Mod APK Features

Enjoy Darkrise Mod APK Unlimited Everything as it has lots of things to offer such as money, mana, skills, and an ads-free interface. In addition to this, the installation of this app from this website is free and quick. We guarantee an authentic and reliable source from where you can download the modded apps.

Darkrise Mod APK Unlimited Mana & Money

The Darkrise Mods supplies you an extensive range of money and mana. These are helpful in accessing all the powers and equipment this app stores. Moreover, the Modified Version of Darkrise APK Onehit brings a great ease to players, as you do not have to hassle for every single mana at every stage.

No Ads

The best possible thing about Darkrise Mod Unlocked All is that it has no ads on its site. The developers have thoroughly worked on this app and have tried to make it user-friendly from all aspects. Plus, the modified app is 100% safe to run on your device.

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Darkrise Pixel Classic Action RPG Mod brings an amazing RPG game app where you play as a hero who is on the journey to kill monsters to save your kingdom. The app helps you by supplying lots of equipment and skilled characters. Surpassing various hurdles and fighting the bosses would eventually bring you numerous rewards.


Darkness is trying to dominate your kingdom and has turned the entire place upside down. The lives of people are in danger. The monsters and demons have spread everywhere and are trying to invade the whole space.

As a player, you have to put things together and fight against the darkness similar to HighRise Mod APK. The journey is going to be difficult but Darkrise Mod Mana provides enough resources and equipment to face them with all the strength.

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Featured Characters

The 3 characters the Darkrise Mod No Skill Cooldown APK offers are Alice, Godric and Kira. You can choose one of them to role play on your behalf. These characters imitate your steps and fight as you say. All of them have unique strengths and combat styles and you have to decide which one suits you more.

Darkrise Mod New Version Setting

Not just the backdrop is oh so amazing but it also uses different items for making the location more captivating. There are towns large or small, dungeons, landscapes, nature and many scenic elements. You would visit 60 different arenas to fight enemies in Darkrise Cracked APK.

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Powerful Equipment

With the progression of Darkrise Mod Skill No CD, you will find equipment for each stage you play. Every level brings new equipment that has powers, resources and all the necessary items that you need respectively. Once you reach the dungeons, you will get many VIP items as well.

Combat Action & Rewards

You will come across a number of bosses from time to time who happen to be your opponents or enemies. All of them are powerful and will keep getting powerful as the DarkRise Hack APK develops. However, your choice of characters, their combination of skills and equipment can topple and knock them down instantly.

Slaying the bosses can get you the best of the rewards. In addition to this, if you participate in daily contests, then you have the opportunity to get plenty of rewards on a daily basis.

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Know the Villagers

While you play, you will come across many people from villages and kingdoms. You can get in touch with them but this may cause you a danger as well. They can be great allies but at the same time, they can plan to create obstacles for you. Therefore, socialize but beware as well.

Pixelated Illustration and Music

Darkrise Mod Attack Speed has conventional styled 2-dimensional pixelated illustration with all sorts of natural places. Moreover, it has 2 tracks that you can enjoy playing the game. The options and control are pretty comprehensive and are instantly responsive.

For downloading original version, visit

Fun Facts

  • There are over 20 locations to explore with an array of impediments.
  • Every enemy has different powers and you have to tackle all of them differently.
  • Never stop moving as it is going to get you killed right there and then.

Fresh Updates

  • The updated version has additional musical tracks.
  • There is a redesigning of many features such as gems, coins etc.
  • Some chests have also become part of DarkRise latest version.
  • The items that you have sold are returnable in the fresh version.
  • You can get points from skill books now.
  • The fresh equipment is now suggested with the character it is best suited to, rather than in general.

Tips & Tricks

  • Stay in search of purple or golden items.
  • After every 5 levels, get an upgrade.
  • Upgrade those items in particular which are doing good in game.
  • Your usage of potions should never stop.

Steps to Install Dark Rise APK Mod Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of the game as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the app completes it download.
  • After Downloading APK file, Tap on that file
  • There are some steps which are necessary to install app
  • After installing the application, start the game and enjoy free game.

In case if installation is not competed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


In conclusion, Darkrise Mod APK Latest Version 2022 is one of the games that covers lots of stages and levels where you encounter different monsters. Moreover, you come across with different skills and equipment to deal with these monsters. If you are looking for a good RPG game, this is it. Millions of players are already into this game and are acknowledging its design and concept. You can also download Darkrise Hacked APK and enjoy endless money and mana.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Darkrise Mod APK

Is it safe to play mod apps?

If you are installing from ApksBrand.com, then you can be completely stress free. It is an authentic website for modified app installation.

What is the recent release of Darkrise?

The latest released version of Darkrise is v0.16.10. The same version is available in modified versions as well on this website.

How to access all the levels of Darkrise?

You can access all the levels either by winning the levels prior to them. Nonetheless, if you want to have access without winning then a modified version is a suggestion.

Is it a legal app?

Yes, it is a legal app, as it does not carry which can be possibly harmful in any way to people. It is a safe app and abides community guidelines.

What's new

- Meadow, Golem's Valley, Frost Hill locations were added; - Hill Town was redesigned; - Small bats were redesigned, several new mobs were added; - Runes were added, which gives you passive skill, they can be inserted in 100+ level weapons and chestplates; - New chests were added, that can spawn on higher level location; - Several unique items were added; - Gem icons were redesigned; - Two music track were added; - Some UI elements were changed.