Castle Clash Mod APK Latest v4.1.9 (unlimited Money/Gems)

A new era has come to Castle Clash! Lords from far and wide are gathering in Narcia to compete for fame and glory! The war drums have sounded. Only the strongest will survive. Will you be the ultimate victor? Test your mettle against lords from all over the world on a never-before-seen global stage.
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For enhancing thinking capabilities and skills, strategic games can play an important role where the player makes plans and executes them for glory in parallel to enjoyment. Castle Clash APK is one of the exciting and fast-paced strategic games which is developed by IGG.COM. If you are aware of this game and are looking for Unlimited Money and Gems with all unlocked characters and stages then no need to be worried, we are providing its recreated version Castle Clash Mod with all unlimited premium features.

castle clash apk

Similar to the Total Conquest Mod APK, in Castle Clash Mod APK Latest Version 2023 build your kingdom from scratch. Select the most powerful and skillful character to lead the small and bigger troops of legendary armies for raid and defense. Test your strategies, power and capabilities in dungeons, raids and defense. Fight according to your creative planning for your glory as a world-best-warrior by making your empire stronger. There are different modes, you can play in Castle Clash Hacked Server to enjoy more and more.

Mod Features of Castle Clash Mod APK

Furthermore, there are too many features in Castle Clash fighting game but there are some features which are locked in the original unpaid version and you need game-currency to unlock these premium features like characters, pets, buildings, powers and weapons. For purchasing game-currency you have to pay in $ or download its recreated version Castle Clash Mod APK unlimited everything with:

clash of castle apk mod

Castle Clash Mod APK Unlimited Money/Gems

Most of the time to unlock many premium features you need money. In order to earn this money, you have to attack the opponent’s castle to loot money. No need to be worried as in this modified version Castle Clash Mod unlimited money and gems.

Unlocked Heroes and Pets

In contrast to the original version in which most of the premium characters are locked. But we are providing all characters unlocked in this modified version. And these pets and heroes will be helpful to defend your castle and to attack your opponents.

Unlocked Buildings

In your Castle, you have to keep all the buildings up to date. Defense buildings should be upgraded to protect your army and troops in the base. All these buildings are unlocked and available for free in this modified version.

Unlocked Weapons

The wars cannot be won without updated and heavy weapons.  So too well equip your character, you will have all weapons unlocked. Just grab these weapons and use them against your opponents similar to GTA SA Cleo Mod APK.

Unlocked Builders

Buildings are very important to build a powerful base. But these buildings can only be built by builders. Only two builders are available at the start of the Castle Clash Modded APK Unlimited Gems and you have to win more and more rewards to unlock other builders. So download Castle Clash Mod APK unlocked everything and unlock all builders.


In contrast of other fighting games Castle Clash APK Mod has some unique features, which are:

New Additions

  • A new hero named Celestica and Dusk Knight
  • New Skins such as Serratica’s Ironclad Dragon and Dusk Knight’s Crystal Rider, Celestica’s Venomous Dragon
  • Portrait of Celestica and Dusk Knight
  • Wraith Mark as a new insignia
  • Heaven’s Chain in new Enchantments

Build Your Kingdom

Firstly, Castle Clash Hack APK for android allows you to build your kingdom and provides all authority to rule this territory similar to Castle Crush Mod APK. There are some buildings which you have to build or customize. These buildings are:

  • Town Hall: is the main building of your Kingdom.
  • Defense Building: is very helpful to defend your Kingdom from the raid of other opponents.
  • Resource Buildings of Castle Clash Hacked APK: are used to save your resources from attacks.
  • Attack Building: is used to train your hero for war and let you attack other Kingdoms.
clash of castle game apk


Additionally, for making your Castle strong and protected, Hero is the best force that leads the army. There are different types of heroes available in Castle Clash Mod APK for Android with different skills and powers. So, think carefully and choose the best one like Angel, Frost, and Hill Giant and Shaman etc. There are some Hero categories like:

  • Legendary Shards Heroes
  • Elite Heroes
  • Sacrifice heroes
  • Ordinary Heroes
castle clash moded apk

Army Formation

Furthermore, choose the best soldiers in Castle Clash Hacked Version, with maximum abilities from the available to form your army. These troops will be helpful to your enemy when you raid their castle and defend your castle when they raid your Kingdom. There are some categories of troops which are:

  • Normal Troops
  • Magic Troops
  • Destructive Troops
modified apk of castle clash

Abundant Battles Modes

Most importantly, in Castle Clash you can take part in different war-modes and this feature makes this Castle Clash Cheats APK unique from other fighting games. Let’s discuss some of these wars:

Raid Mode

in this mode you attack on the castle of another opponent and loot the resources up to 25 percent. You can destroy the Kingdom of your opponent with effective attacks.


in this mode of Clash of Castle Mod APK your hero can enter into the dungeons which are safe bases from other attacks.

Pitch Ground

In Download Castle Clash game APK there is another mode in which your hero fights with other challengers which come from around the world.

Play With Friends

Similarly, you can invite your friends online to play Castle Clash similar to Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod APK. Build your Kingdom and raid the Kingdom of your friend to loot his resources and win the rewards to have more and more fun. It is just like arena games which require the internet for connectivity.

clash of castle safe mod

Hero Testing

Additionally, Castle Clash APK unlimited everything takes care of its old players as well as new players. If you are a new player and don’t know too much about the abilities and skills of your heroes then you can test your hero by fighting with automatic game controls.

Adorable Pets

The most unique feature of Castle Clash Cold Heir Build is the Pets collection. You will have many pets with different capabilities which can help you to fight against your enemy. You can build a separate plaza for your pets. Feed them and make them stronger.


To construct different buildings, you will have two builders in the start. But for speeding up the construction of buildings you need more builders. So pay money and unlock up to 5 builders.

Diverse Map

To move from one place to another place in Castle Clash you can use the map and navigation system of that map similar to Power Warriors Mod APK. You can locate the castles of your opponents to raid. And can also defend your castle by locating the opponent’s army on map.

New Additions

  • Celestica and Dusk Knight as a new hero
  • Appearances have changed from Celestica’s Venomous Dragon, Dusk Knight’s Crystal Rider, and Serratica’s Ironclad Dragon.
  • More accessories have been added such as Viper Necklace, Viper Ring, Sol Necklace, Sol Ring.

Beginner’s Guide

  • Keep switching to different modes of gaming.
  • Town hall is a significant base in Castle Clash Free Gems Hack.
  • Your attention should be on the foes of town hall during raids.
  • Understand the use of troops and characters.

Pros and Cons of using Castle Clash Hacked


  • Strategy Gameplay: Castle Clash offers strategic gameplay, allowing players to build and upgrade their base, train armies, and engage in battles.
  • Graphics and Design: The game typically features visually appealing graphics and designs, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Multiplayer Features: Castle Clash often includes multiplayer aspects such as guilds, alliances, and player-vs-player (PvP) modes, adding a social and competitive element.
  • Variety of Heroes: The game usually boasts a wide array of heroes with unique abilities, providing diverse strategic options for players.
  • Regular Updates: Games that receive regular updates tend to stay engaging, introducing new content, events, and improvements.


  • In-App Purchases: Castle Clash, like many mobile games, may include in-app purchases, which could impact the balance of the game and the competitiveness between players.
  • Energy or Stamina System: Mobile games often have an energy or stamina system that limits playtime. Some players may find this restrictive or may need to wait to continue playing.
  • Learning Curve: The game might have a learning curve, especially for newcomers who need time to understand its mechanics and strategies.
  • Time-Consuming: As with many strategy games, progressing in Castle Clash may require a significant time investment, which can be a drawback for players with limited time.
  • Connection Issues: Online games like Castle Clash may encounter connectivity problems, affecting multiplayer functionality or overall gameplay.

Useful Tips and Tricks

  • Spend gems and merits wisely.
  • Finish activities on a daily basis to gather more rewards.
  • Never spend badges on heroes as it only wastes your gems and has zero utility.
  • Always go for 1st tier heroes.
  • Upgrade as immediately as possible.
  • If you play this game on Bluestack, the experience of using tools would be a lot better.
  • The enemy town hall should be the primary target as it alone does half of the job.

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What’s Fixed in new update?

Many features crashed while making it in use somewhere. Therefore, a new version has been released which is 16.5. The fixed features are as follows.

  • Boost display error
  • Super pet crystals quantity
  • Relic star level raise
  • upgrades

Download Castle Clash APK Mod Latest Version?

  • First of all, make sure to uninstall the previous version if installed.
  • Click download button to download Mod Castle Clash APK

How to install on android?

  • After Downloading, open the “setting” menu.
  • Tap on “Security” option then tap on “Install” option. 
  • After that tap on the downloaded file for installation.
  • The system will ask for permission. Tap on the “install” button. Installation process will begin.
  • After installation, an icon will appear on your mobile screen.
  • Tap on that icon, the game will start running  and enjoy.


Lastly, I would say that for strategic fighting game’s lovers Castle Clash cheats free shopping is the best game packed with excitement and features. With 100 million plus downloads and an effective rating 4.3 out of 5 is proved to be a successful game. All you have to do is build a Kingdom by unlocking and constructing new buildings. Defend your Kingdom by choosing the best hero and troops. Raid Castles of your opponents and loot their resources. Enjoy the game by playing and feeding pets. Unlock different costumes for your character. Enjoy all the features by downloading Castle Clash Mod APK 2023 from the link given below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Castle Clash Mod APK

Can I play Castle Clash Mod APK Unlimited Gems 2023 on PC?

Castle Clash Unlimited Gems 2023 is an android game originally. However, it is possible to play the Castle Clash Hack Unlimited Gems on PC if you install BlueStack Player on your desktop.

Is it safe for under-age players?

There is nothing in the Castle Clash Hacks No Survery that is offensive to under-age players specifically. However, we suggest they not play because it holds violence, which is not very good for a sensitive age.

Is it possible to play the Castle Clash Mod in offline mode?

You can play the Castle Clash Free Shopping in an offline mode. However, there will be few features that will not work in it. For example, PvP or multiple player mode will not work if you stay offline. So, you will need active internet connection to enjoy all the features.

What's new

New Update
1. New Hero: Celestica and Dusk Knight.
2. New Skin: Celestica's Venomous Dragon, Dusk Knight's Crystal Rider, and Serratica's Ironclad Dragon
3. New Hero Portrait: Celestica and Dusk Knight.
4. Celestica exclusive portrait frame: Divinity Descended
5. New Insignia: Wraith Mark
6. New Enchantment: Heaven's Chains
7. New Accessory:
Viper Necklace, Viper Ring, Sol Necklace, Sol Ring.