Battle of Warships Mod APK Latest v1.72.13 (Unlimited Money)

Battle of Warships is one of the legendary battle app, ship simulator mobile game about battle 1942 and naval warfare, sea battles online and offline. Navigate your unique ships that used in the WW1 and WW2. Improve on your own ship, increase health points, engine speed and turns. Customize navy army with the flag of your country. Get daily rewards, level up your skills and ship's characteristics. Become the God of War and war thunder with warship craft, battle with enemy for war and order. Try to blitz with artillery enemy’s airplane and jet wings.
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MobileGDC launchers got really creative while making the Battle of Warships APK. The app is for naval conflicts and encounters where players have to use armed cruisers and submarines. Act as captain but play the entire game from third-person’s eye so as to keep a check on adversaries. Always be prepared with your armaments. Kill the adversaries before they kill you. Start from basics and get promoted on every win. Enjoy the scenic waves and tides as the sea is pretty huge to fight or wander.

battle of warships Mod new version

Before that, know that by downloading Battle of Warships Mod APK for android, you get supplementary features at no cost. It makes the overall game a freebie, as no in-app purchases are there to haunt you. Enjoy unlimited money unlike the original app. hit your enemy with just one stroke. Get rid of all the ads in the game and play with a flow without any disruption. Get free upgrades, weapons and all ships unlocked. So, save your money and get the modified version of Battle of Warships.

Battle of Warships Mod APK Features

Get unlimited money, free upgrades, unlocked weapons and warships in Battle of Warships Mod APK full version unlocked. Topple down your adversaries with one strike of a weapon. Enjoy premium features for free and prevent ads permanently.

Unlimited Money

Find an extensive amount of money in the shape of coins, chests and platinum. Take it as an in-game currency and buy all you want. Buy upgrades, weapons, VIP features and all warships existing in the Battle of Warships Hack All Ships Unlocked. Enjoy the money without having to think of it ending as it is infinite and will keep coming.

Battle of Warships Mod APK Unlocked Everything  

Get all the paid features for free. Enjoy Battle of Warships Mod All Ships Unlocked and take all the advantage you can. There are weapons, cruisers, ships at wide range so get all of it as nothing is sealed in the Battle of Warships Mod Platinum. Avail yourself the app that has no condition and is solely providing you the best experience of Battle of Warships Mod Unlimited Everything. Try Nutaku Mod APK.

Topple Down With One Hit

Stop stroking your weapon repetitively and open a fire for once by downloading Battle of Warships Cheats APK. It is free and at no cost gives you all the power. Keeping the adversaries’ strength in consideration, the Battle of Warships Mod version helps you with one strong hit that knocks down the enemy instantly.


Be fond of Battle of Warships cracked because the gameplay is easy yet adventurous. Control the Clash of Battleships Mod with simplistic options and understandable interface. Be a captain of an extensive range of armed warships and arsenals. Keep a check on weather and prepare yourself to play in bad weather conditions as well. Overall, enjoy the 3D game in the middle of a vast sea.

Interesting Gameplay

Begin your game by clicking on the start button. At first, you will not see the opponent’s warship right away. Detect the positions and keep an eye on every corner. Remember that every warship is there to encounter you so open a fire the moment you see them.

Detect the warship you will see coming from far away. It will keep coming near you so get ready with your armaments. Fight for your life. Do or die.  

Warships Containing Advanced Weapons

Have your hands on an extensive list of warships given in the game similar to Modern Warships Mod APK. All these ships are armed and equipped with various guns. Take control of famous ships for example YAMATO, South Dakota and Missouri and the list goes on to 20+ ships. Speaking of which, you will find ships which carry aircrafts in the collection.

Joystick like Controllers

Control the Battle of Warships All Unlocked in a joystick-style similar to Modern Combat 5 Mod APK. The recent version has added gyroscopes in Battle of Warships Cheats For Android as well. On the off chance, you are a beginner, start by following the instructions. The gameplay teaches you thoroughly how to have hand on controllers. Follow the instructions and get the best in it. You find the control options at the bottom of the screen.

Be Prepared For Various Weather Conditions

Experience all kinds of weather conditions. The weather can get stormy, windy, rainy and many more similar to Gunship Battle Mod APK. So far the rainy weather is well-liked by players. Rainy weather is intense; adventurous, gives one such of an experience.

Extensive Area of Battleship

Go everywhere in the sea as it is extensive in area. Experience how it is to be all alone in the middle of the sea where any moment an adversary can come and shoot you. For your survival and surpass every challenge that comes your way. Have a sharp eye from all aspects and start killing once you see danger.

Detailed 3D Graphics

Enjoy the 3 dimensional game with an interesting combination of all shades of blue and light colored ships similar to Wing Fighter Mod APK. Feel the vibe of the high resolution game app. Notice the detailed features of ships, weapons, and waves of the sea as the Battle of Warships mod game has worked thoroughly on every detail.  

Tip For Preventing A Defeat

Stay in the middle of the sea as the chances of getting killed are less there. Take a shot from a distance to prevent your defeat. The more the opponent gets closer, the more you have the chance to lose. Keenly observe everything from every aspect to stand victorious.

Tips & Tricks

  • In order to get a container, collect and save the platinum.
  • Save your interceptors as they can make a huge difference in your victory or loss.
  • Only move with carriers, when you are being shelled otherwise stay there.   
  • Your ships should not be placed very close to each other as it makes it easier for the opponent to take a shot and cause massive damage.
  • To prevent getting attacked from the fire of the enemy, use islands and other obstacles to take cover.
  • Do not rush into fights and wars and strategize first.

Fresh Updates

  • There is an addition of 3 more maps.
  • You can now get your avatars on this app.
  • The rewarding element has increased on watching ads.
  • The power of Melvin’s main guns have been enhanced.
  • Over all, you will see a worth noticing change in UI.

For downloading original version, click here!

What Is New?

  • Enjoy gold cards for a specific time period.
  • Avail free chest in platinum in Battle of Warships Mod unlimited platinum
  • Switch to a new set up.
  • Repositioning of torpedo angle and shells changer.
  • Addition of warships such as H41, Royal Sovereign, Sovetskiy Soyuz etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Battle of Warships Game


  • You get the opportunity to stand against professionals.
  • There is an assortment of weapons that you may find very advanced and interesting to play.
  •  You can play the Battle of Warships Unlimited Platinum in both modes, be it offline or online.
  • The illustration is high definition 3 dimensional.
  • The app is devoid of all glitches and is highly optimized.


  • The repetitive ads may annoy you.
  • You have to stay wired with the internet to play this game. Offline mode does not work.
  • It does not have any drawbacks except that children can spend a lot of time on it.

Steps to Install Battle of Warships APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of the Game as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the app completes it download.
  • After Downloading APK file, Tap on that file
  • There are some steps which are necessary to install app
  • After installing the application, start Battle of Warships Mod All Ships Unlocked and Unlimited Money and enjoy free game.

In case if installation is not competed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


Briefly, get into a fight all alone in the midst of the sea in Battle of Warships Mod APK latest version 2023. Vanish your opponents with weapons and armed ships. Be strategic and understand the control system as it will take you far in the Battle of Warships Premium Unlocked. The app has got the reach of more than 10 Million players up till now. The average rating of the app is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Enjoy every bit of the game with the mod app. get unlimited money, chests and platinum for better survival and quirky features. Download Battle of Warships Mega Mod by clicking the option available at the top of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Battle of Warships Mod APK

Is it online or offline?

The application has no limit to any mode. You can play the game in both online and offline mode. It works perfectly in both situations.

How many warships are in battle?

There are 4 categories of warships given in the Battle of Warship Hack APK. In total there are 49 ships enlisted in the app.

Which devices support Battle of Warship Mod Version?

Both androids and IOs support the Battle of Warships Naval Blitz Mod APK. You can download Battle of Warships Hacked from either the Play Store or the App Store. It also works on PCs by installing android emulators. 

What's new

-HMS Hood -HMS Majestic -3 new maps -Better Matchmaking -Players avatars -Ship scar -Kill Assist -Collision warning -Set on Fire & Flooding notification -Dramatic die FX -Ultra premium -Hindi & Indonesian languages -HiExplosive ignition probability increased -Quest rewards increased -Deal damage quest -Level End Rewards increase for ads -Melvin main guns power increased -Yukikaze torpedoes power incresead -Sangamon aicrafts power improved -London port lighting changed -UI improvements