AFK Arena Mod APK Latest v1.113.01 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Check out Geralt and Yennifer in AFK Arena now, and don't miss out on the collaboration events and heaps of rewards! *** SUMMON – COLLECT – LEVEL UP *** Over 100 heroes in seven factions. Build the ultimate formations and battle your way to the top. Celestials, Hypogeans, Dimensionals are the rarest.
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Esperia is a country side place having beautiful scenery and aesthetics. It is in danger as Hypogeans are trying to invade the place and get their hands on their treasures. Help Experians by playing AFK Arena APK. Train your heroes; select the most skilled character who can confront the Hypogeans. Use weapons, skill, moves and many more.

For having free access to the entire game, download AFK Arena Mod APK for Android. It has all the material that you will need for the game. The game gives you an extensive amount of diamonds, money, gems, coins and every kind of in-game currency that helps you buy the paid items. It unlocks all the characters who you want to role play and lets you upgrade their skills. The Modified Version of AFK Arena allows you to solve all the missions, mercenaries and quests without going systematically. Most significantly, the unnecessary pop does not disturb you in the game.

AFK Arena Mod APK Features

Avail a great deal of diamonds, gems, coins, premium version, heroes, skills and many more through AFK Arena Mod APK Unlimited Resources. It not only gives you an infinite amount of fun without putting any limit to it, but also removes the ads to have an uninterrupted experience.

Unlimited Diamonds

The diamonds are significant in the AFK Arena Mod Free Download and you have to have a great collection of diamonds in the AFK Arena Unlimited Diamonds. It lets you have so many features such as heroes from all tiers and premium features. Only the AFK Arena Unlimited Everything 2023 is there to provide you with an endless amount of diamonds that you can use anywhere. Further, no matter how much you spend, it never ends.

AFK Arena Mod APK Premium Unlocked

The AFK Arena Cheats APK has a premium treasure, which has a lot to offer. Unlike the original application, it offers the entire treasured features free of cost. In a regular app, it costs more than $3.

However, in the mod app, it costs nothing at all. Moreover, it has lots of diamonds, Bounty conquest, Campaign mercenaries, rewards missions and so much stuff that you will need whilst performing action similar to Cookie Run Kingdom Mod APK.

Unlimited Heroes

There are 50 heroes in the game and the good ones are premium. For avoiding the paying factor, download AFK Arena God Mode. It provides you with all the characters unconditionally. Some of the best characters in AFK Arena Modded APK are provided free of cost. Moreover, you get to experience playing with all heroes in AFK Arena Hacked APK.


Understanding the game is very important in this game. AFK Arena Crack Download gives you a space with leaving rebels in it. You have to confront them using 20+ skills of different characters. Keep upgrading the skills and play together with friends in duo mode. Relish high definition graphics.  


The gameplay is set at the place of Esperia, which is a heavenly place with beautiful scenery and natural beauty. Apart from beauty, the place is very resourceful, which draws the attention of many people who do not live in that area.

The Hypogeans have never let the people of Esperia live in tranquility and peace. Even though the place is very aesthetic, Hypogeans have made the place chaotic and disturbed.  You may try other modified games like: Roblox Unlimited Robux Mod APK

Mythical heroes

AFK Arena Hacks is quite technical in a sense that it may take you a while to decide from the extensive list of heroes. All these heroes belong to different regions and have different sets of stories to tell. There are upto 50 heroes and are categorized in different ranks. The A graded heroes are Daimon, Sonja, Skreg. B graders are Albedo, Titus, Arthur and Thoran and the list goes on.


AFK Arena Pro APK is an action generic game application similar to HighRise Mod APK. It has 20+ skills available possessed by different heroes of different tiers. These skills become useful in combating the opponents of such a Hypogeans group.

The AFK Arena Mod Unlimited Gems has the option of upgrading the skill set as well which makes the gameplay more thrilling and adventurous. Having maximum skills is what it takes to be a victor in this game.  You may also read Marvel Strike Force Mod APK

Duo Mode

Send an invite to your friend to play with you as an alliance in duo mode. You can all come together to fight Hypogeans in order to help the people of Esperia. The AFK Arena Full Version Unlocked is so much fun that people can spend hours playing this game with their relatives and never get tired.


Graphically, AFK Arena Mod Menu has high definition illustrations with multiple colored themes similar to Brave Fighter 2 Mod APK. The characters look like they come straight from the Roman Empire. The regional people are distinctively defined through the imagery and the detailing is laudable.

Characteristics of Heroes

  • Athalia: she is passively defensive and can overcome 30% of damage that has been caused.
  • Orthos: he has the ability to recover with every second so resultantly, he has a fast recovery ability.
  • Talene: she never gives up during fights and usually dies if the results say that she has lost.
  • Flora: she does not go with alliances hence a great selection if take her in PvP matches.

Pros and Cons of AFK Arena Mods


  • It has fascinating visuals and artwork.
  • Characters have diverse abilities, which do not end with time.
  • There is no system of energy in characters that most of the app contains, especially action games.
  • The game is known for its visually appealing art style, character designs, and vibrant graphics, which enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Players can strategize and optimize their team compositions, formations, and gear, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay.
  • The developers frequently release updates, introducing new content, events, and features, which helps keep the game fresh and interesting.


  • You may feel a lack of content in the game.
  • The game makes you wait quite long for progress.

Tips & Tricks

  •  Understanding of the game is the key.
  • God mode has high chances to make you win and level up your rank.
  • Be very cautious when using the resources.
  • Always go for characters who are highly rated.
  • Choose characters who can endure the attacks.
  • Characters with good attacking abilities are also worthy.
  • Right from the start, your first objective should be to have hands on the guild.
  • Never buy resources by using diamonds or gold in exchange.
  • Get mercenaries from other players or friends for better performance and reward.

Steps to Install AFK Arena APK Mod on Android devices?

Steps are very simple to install Modified version of the App as follows:

  • Click on the Download button on this page.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the app completes it download.
  • After Downloading APK file, Tap on that file
  • There are some steps which are necessary to install app
  • After installing the application, start the game and enjoy free game.

In case if installation is not competed, you have to follow following steps:

  • Uninstall previous version if installed.
  • Go to mobile setting > Click on Security option> Enable Unknown sources
  • Again follow the steps given above.


LilithGames has produced an action game giving a touch of ancient fighters called AFK Arena Mod APK Latest Version 2023. The gameplay is set in Esperia where an opposing party has attacked and you have to rescue the people and save the place. The number of heroes and their skills has made the game magical. People thoroughly relish this game and it is clearly evident with 10 Million+ downloads on the Play Store. It has 4.4 rating out of 5 stars in total. The modified version makes the experience even better by aiding all the features free of cost. Download the AFK Arena Mod on android from this website and have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About AFK Arena Mod APK

What is the strongest character in AFK?

Thoran is so far the strongest character from the users’ point of view. He is the fallen king and possesses maximum powers.

What genre is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena APK Download is a classic role playing game where you take the role of different heroes based on their skill set. They fight on your behalf and you do not actually fight yet tackle helping aspects.

Can you play AFK Arena Hack APK offline?

You can play AFK Arena Hacked Version in offline mode. However, you need to stay online when you are playing in Duo Mode.

What's new

New Additions and Optimizations 1. A new "Heroes of Esperia" season will begin, which will be available to adventurers that have completed Stage 11-40. 2. A new "Isle of Gold" event will begin feature the following updates: - Added "Fortification", where once the territory has a certain number of high-level buildings, it will trigger the effects of the fortifications and help the adventurer defend against plundering.